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Sheena Peebles
June 1, 2022
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For as long as I can remember, I've always had to service the garage door. Not the door itself, but still. A lot of times, since the doors were sliding, I had to clean the ice in front of them because they couldn't open. There was not always enough time to clean the snow and ice. The same can be said about the road surface, if it forms any pit, crack or hillock, the gate will also not open. I was happy to learn that our garage doors had fallen into disrepair and had to be replaced with new ones. I left a request on Yelp the same day, and the next day I wrote that I was interested in the rising gate. In this company, they replied that they have such doors in stock and at an affordable price for me. I decided not to bother and order the installation of doors from them. I did not lose, the company was really very responsible and they brought the garage door exactly on time and exactly in the color I wanted. The doors were intact and very clean, even after installation.
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