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Why Quality Garage Door Service Matters in Irvine

Living in the bustling city of Irvine, you’re familiar with the importance of a secure and functional entryway for your vehicle.. Whether you’re near the Irvine Spectrum Center or residing in Woodbridge, a reliable garage door is essential. Moreover, the city’s warm climate can take a toll on your garage door components. That’s why you need a trusted service provider for all your needs.
The city of Irvine, Orange County, California

The Importance of Professional Garage Door Services

Quality Over Quick Fixes

In Irvine, it’s tempting to opt for quick fixes. However, these can lead to more significant issues down the line. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a professional service that offers comprehensive solutions, from springs repair & replacement to adjustments & maintenance.

Brands We Trust

When it comes to garage door services, we work with reputable brands like Lift Master Professional, Craftsman, and Chamberlain. These brands are known for their durability and reliability, especially in Irvine’s climate.

Common Garage Door Issues in Irvine

Damaged or Misaligned Tracks

Driving around neighborhoods like Turtle Rock or University Park, you’ll notice that garage doors are an integral part of the home. A damaged or misaligned track can be both an inconvenience and a security risk.

Weather Seal Replacement

Irvine’s warm climate can wear out your garage door’s weather seal quickly. A damaged seal can let in dust, water, and even pests. Hence, replacing the weather seal is essential for maintaining a clean and secure garage.

Emergency Services: We've Got You Covered

24 Hour Availability

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency services from Sunday to Thursday. On Fridays, we’re available until 3 PM. we’re closed on Saturdays.

Areas We Serve

Our services extend beyond Irvine to other parts of Orange County. Whether you’re in Newport Beach or Santa Ana, we’re just a call away.

Your Trusted Garage Door Specialist in Irvine

In summary, a reliable garage door is crucial for any Irvine resident. From the upscale homes in Quail Hill to the bustling streets near the University of California, Irvine, a functional garage door is a must. So, if you’re facing any issues, remember that we’re your trusted specialists in Irvine.

FAQ about garage doors in Irvine

Irvine, located in the heart of Orange County, enjoys a Mediterranean climate. While this means mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, the relatively stable weather doesn’t usually cause drastic wear and tear on garage doors. However, the occasional coastal moisture can potentially affect certain types of garage door materials, especially wood. Proper sealing and maintenance are essential to ensure longevity and optimal performance.
Yes, the City of Irvine has specific building codes and permits required for various home improvement projects, including garage door installations. Before proceeding with any installation, it’s essential to check with the Irvine Building and Safety Department to ensure all guidelines are followed. This helps maintain the aesthetic consistency and safety standards of our community.
Being locally based, we understand the unique preferences and needs of Irvine residents. From the architectural style predominant in the area to specific security concerns, our services are tailored to meet these local requirements. Plus, our team is familiar with local building codes, ensuring a hassle-free installation or repair process. Additionally, our 24-hour emergency service means we’re always just a call away, anytime day or night.
Absolutely! We have an extensive gallery showcasing various projects we’ve completed right here in Irvine. From modern aluminum and glass doors for contemporary homes to classic wood carriage-style doors for traditional houses, our portfolio is a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality. Many satisfied Irvine homeowners have also shared their testimonials and recommendations, highlighting our exceptional service.
Regular maintenance is the key. Given Irvine’s occasional coastal moisture, it’s vital to inspect your garage door for signs of rust or corrosion, especially if it’s made of metal. Lubricate moving parts, check the door balance, and ensure the auto-reverse safety feature is functioning correctly. Additionally, for those unexpected issues, remember we offer a 24-hour emergency service to address any immediate concerns promptly.

Our garage door projects in Irvine

A newly installed wooden garage door featuring a stylish design with upper glass windows and lower X-patterned panels at a residence in Irvine, Orange County, CA.

What people in Irvine telling about us

Michael Pattison
October 2, 2022
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I had a very positive experience in working with the owner, Guy. He was incredibly professional and did not try and cheat his way to fix my garage door unit like 2 other companies that I called. He came out for a free house call and instead of telling me that I need to replace the whole unit like two other companies did, he instead advised me to first call my warranty to receive a new unit. Because he helped me out, I hired him to install the unit for me. He saved me over $400!!! I’m going to refer him to my friends and family. I trust this guy, I trust Guy!
Valerie Sirota
January 1, 2022
Urban Garage Door is amazing! I called them at 6:20am and they were at my house in less than an hour! They replaced both of my broken springs and put in a new opener in about 45 minutes! I would definitely use this company again! It was a great experience.
Candace Mckinney
September 2, 2021
Super friendly, professional, punctual, great to work with!
Chintan Sharma
July 8, 2020
Urban Garage Door is amazing!!!! The technician provided world class customer service. The technician Guy was able to resolve the issue so quicky! The service was absolutely amazing. I’m definitely going back to this company for assistance with my garage door.
Amir Sraibman
March 4, 2020
My garage door spring broke down this morning, I called Urban garage door to help me with my situation. The came quickly, price was fair, very responsible tech. Thank you guys for great service.

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