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Dwana Olsen
January 1, 2023
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There is great service and then there is AMAZING service. The kind that you wonder whether or not still exists. My family came home from Thanksgiving vacation to a garage door that didn't open. We've had some issues with the door in the past and we called another emergency company who came out and made the problem worse. When we yelped and found Guy who answered our call 9pm on a Sunday night, he was very helpful over the phone, no bs and arrived as promised the next day. He also provided a courtesy text and call to confirm his arrival. Not only did he get our garage door to close properly but he took extra time to be sure it wouldn't drop on us and gave us honest feedback on what we needed to do to ensure we get our garage working correctly with the correct motor/opener. Highly recommend, especially for busy, working parents' families who don't have a ton of time to research stuff like this.
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