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Your garage door or gate is one of the largest moving parts of your home. It’s easy to take it for granted … until it stops functioning properly.

It’s easy to forget that your garage door or gate is a complex mechanical fitting. In fact, it’s the largest moving part in your home.

Like your car, your garage is made up of complex mechanisms and should only be adjusted and maintained by a professional mechanic. With Urban Garage Door™, our experienced mechanic contractors are experts in all garage door and gate repair, maintenance, and installation services.

Is your garage door or gate starting to act unreliably?

Maybe it only opens sometimes or with certain remotes.

Or perhaps it shuts and opens jerkily or is making strange noises while in operation.

Don’t ignore these warning signs!

It’s time to get your door or gate repaired before it stops functioning or becomes unsafe to use!

At Urban Garage Door™, we provide a wide selection of garage doors and gates to suit every garage, home, and building.

With a range of quality garage door sourced from trusted manufacturers such as C.H.I and Coplay, you can be sure that your new door will provide the best in design, color, functionality, and durability on the market!

  • Offer the greatest degree of aesthetic adaptability.

  • Steel, wood or other materials

  • Wide range of designs

  • Vast colour options

  • Wood look options

  • Aluminum and Acrylic finish

Like any complex mechanical device, your garage door or gate should have regular servicing to ensure its running safely and smoothly. When you hire Urban Garage Door™, our skilled door mechanics check your door’s spring tension, track alignment, and other mechanical parts. We’ll also provide essential upkeep such as resetting your door’s limit switches and more.

  • Spring Tension

  • Track Alignment

  • Mechanical checks

  • Re-lubrication of moving parts

  • Resetting of limit switches

This inexpensive yet valuable yearly service will ensure your garage is running as it should for years to come!

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